Shunli Wang

Inner Mongolia University of Technology

Prof. Shunli Wang is a Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Executive Vice President of Smart Energy Storage Institute, Academic Dean of Electric Power College at Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, IET Fellow, Provincial Senior Overseas Talent, Academic Leader of the National Electrical Safety and Quality Testing Center, Tianfu Qingcheng Provincial Scientific and Technological Talent, Academic and Technical Leader of China Science and Technology City, Top 2% Worldwide Scientist. His research interests include modeling, state estimation, and safety management for energy storage systems. 56 projects have been undertaken, supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Provincial Science and Technology Department et al. 258 research papers have been published with RIS value of 11617 and h-index value of 29. 52 intellectual property rights have been approved. 9 monographs have been published by famous publishers of Elsevier and IET and so on. The total print number of New Energy Technology and Power Management reaches 6300 copies that are reprinted 4 times. He has guided students on 29 science and technology innovation projects with 6 excellent completion and 34 awards in science and technology competitions. He has won 13 scientific and technological awards, including the Gold Award at the 48th Geneva Invention Exhibition. He served as chair of 17 international conferences, and 4 editorial boards of international journals, hosting the international new energy and energy storage system conference 3 times. The appraisal result has reached the internationally advanced level, as reported by People's Daily.